Welcome to Westbridge Residential School

Westbridge Residential School (WRS) provides education, residential services and liaison with home and local schools to 32 students in Years 3 – 11 who have complex emotional and behavioural needs. 

WRS is governed by a Ministry of Education appointed Board of Trustees.  The site has a school, residential and administration facilities, kitchen and laundry, a swimming pool, gymnasium and grounds. Vehicles are available for educational, leisure and liaison work purposes.

The programme of WRS is evidence-based; the work with children, families/whānau, local schools and other agencies is intended to support the building of relationships, management and care capabilities within the child’s total ecology. WRS aims to strengthen the child’s academic attainments, behaviour (self-management), social and life skills, their personal care and leisure interests while assisting the family/whānau, local school and other agents with training and support. Children are educated at WRS for either a five or seven day per week programme for a period of between two and six terms.  Children leave the residential school programme when they have acquired the targeted skills and abilities, and when their family/whānau and local school have built sufficiently strong systems of support to assist the child’s further development.



Westbridge Referrals

Students are referred to WRS by the Ministry of Education’s Intensive Wraparound Service (IWS). Those children whose needs cannot be met by their own families/whānau and local schools, with the agreement of their families/whānau can be considered for residential schooling through application by a psychologist of the IWS. 

Liaison Staff of WRS collaborate with IWS, the families/whānau, local schools and other agencies as necessary, to develop the Residential School Phase Plan. The Principal receives the plan for consideration. If the plan describes a programme that can be delivered by WRS, and appears to be an opportunity for families/whānau and local schools to strengthen their knowledge, skills and abilities in relation to the needs of the referred child, then the Principal agrees to the offer of place to the child. A Section 9 Agreement allowing for the residential school enrolment is then signed by a designated person from the Ministry of Education and child’s families/whānau; the residential school programme can then begin.