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Is part of the service provided by MOE Intensive Wraparound Service that caters to the needs of girls and boys with severe behaviour, social, emotional and learning difficulties in years 3-10 at time of enrolment. 

Students are given opportunities to develop skills to facilitate a successful re-entry to their mainstream school, family and community.  Westbridge Residential School is situated in Massey, West Auckland, and 2 kilometers from the end of the North Western motorway in a rural setting on several acres of well established grounds.

Westbridge Vision Statement

To provide Educational programmes for students, their schools and their families that will enable the student to be fully and happily included in their local school and to have positive relationships within their families.

 Ø  To be the example of best evidence practice in the provision of interventions for students with pervasive behaviour/emotional disorders.

Ø  To provide learning programmes for students that impact positively on their long term outcomes for success in society

Ø  To work collaboratively with all other service providers to ensure that there is an effective continuum of service and a sharing of knowledge and skill that will strengthen workforce capability

Ø  To develop and maintain the capacity to provide training and support for schools and communities that will enable them to successfully include these children



All referrals to the Westbridge Programme must come from The Ministry of Education, Special Education.  Contact your local MOE Office for referral information on:  0800 622 222.